[Python] Simple Chat-bot 만들기


  • to implement an ELIZA-like system as a conversational agent


  • University-level assignment

Constraints (Things that need to be considered for this assignment):

  • 인풋이 들어오면 그에 알맞는 대응을 하여야 함
  • 인풋 내 변수의 개수는 1개 또는 2개가 될 수 있음
  • 아웃풋 내 변수의 개수는 1개 또는 2개가 될 수 있음
  • 인풋 내 변수의 개수와 아웃풋 내 변수의 개수는 서로 independent
  • 최소 25개의 rule 필요
    • 그 중 최소 10개는 변수가 1개인 rule
    • 그 중 최소 10개는 변수가 2개인 rule


  • String pattern matching library (re, regular expression) 사용 추천
  • 문법상 완벽한 문장이 안되어도 상관없음

Bonus points

  • 전체 매칭이 가능한 rule 에서 랜덤하게 가져온다면 +10점

Examples of the simple chat-bot

  • Input –> Output (Response)
  • Example 1) I love <1> –> Why do you love <1> ?
  • Example 2) <1> love <2> –> Tell me more about your feelings on <2>
  • Example 3) Hi –> Hello

Requirements to solve

  1. Turn in your code [20pts]. (If you are going for bonus points, write a sentence on how you did it)
  2. Turn in two conversations [10pts each] of about 1-2 pages each:
    • First, you talking to the chat bot about the domain, showing how well it responds.
    • Second, give it to a friend who is told nothing about it other than to talk to them about this topic.
    • Write down some of your friend’s impressions.
  3. Based on how your ELIZA performs in conversations, describe in a sentence or two one way you could improve its performance, in principle, other than adding more rules [10pts].
    • (Opinion: use ‘search’ than ‘match’, return a response from all possible responses, build a machine learning model that trains on user inputs)
  4. Finally, turn in a single sentence that you think nobody’s implementation will perform well on, but every human would. Explain why [5pts].
    • (Opinion: Typically, a long sentence does not work well on ELIZA-like chat-bots.)

Simple Chat-bot algorithm

  • Define regular expression with possible responses in map
  • For every possible expression:
    • If input string matches with one of the expressions:
      • Find a random possible response

Sites for reference

  • Python Code Example - https://github.com/jezhiggins/eliza.py
  • Paper on ELIZA - https://cse.buffalo.edu/~rapaport/572/S02/weizenbaum.eliza.1966.pdf

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